Multi Step (tabs) View Form Divide complete view form in tabs

You can divide the form tab wise also. You can show fields in different tabs. Please note that if you need tabs only in forms then you can turn off tabs in view form by setting $config["viewFormTabs"] = false or $pdocrud->setSettings("viewFormTabs",false);

                            $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();
                            $pdocrud->FormSteps(array("first_name", "last_name", "email", "phone", "gender","birth_date"), "General Info","tabs");
                            $pdocrud->FormSteps(array("user_name", "password"), "Login Details","tabs");
                            $pdocrud->FormSteps(array("address", "city", "state", "country", "zip_code"), "Address","tabs");
                            $pdocrud->FormSteps(array("hobbies", "educational_status", "about_yourself", "company_name"), "Other","tabs");
                            $pdocrud->setSettings("viewFormTabs", true);//set view form tabs enabled
                            echo $pdocrud->dbTable("users")->render("VIEWFORM",array("id" =>"26"));

First name Jon
Last name Snow
Phone 99009900
Gender male
Birth date 2016-11-11
User name jon
Password jonathaon
Address USA
City newyork
State 0
Country 3
Zip code 452005
Hobbies Footbal, volleyball, dddd
Educational status BE
About yourself about desc.
Company name DDT